November 15, 2019

Designer Cottage: Your Getaway and Investment

Learn about how a Designer Cottage at The Retreat at Deer Lick falls might be the dream investment, and vacation, you have been looking for.
September 19, 2018

The Difference Between PMRVs and Tiny Homes

Designer Cottages exterior
Tiny “houses” come in all shapes and sizes. There are tiny houses on wheels, Park Model RVs (PMRVs) and tiny modular homes. These small structures have differences in construction and design that technically make them different types of dwellings.   What Are Designer Cottages? The Saltbox model   Our Designer Cottages are small modular homes designed […]
September 18, 2018

Coming Soon – America’s First Designer Cottages Sales Village and Experience Centers

Low Country tiny home exterior
Since launching Designer Cottages, formerly Designer Series Tiny Homes, in 2015, one of the biggest questions we’ve received is when and where our floor plans would be available to view and purchase. We’re happy to share that the first Designer Cottages Sales Villages where you can experience the luxurious, nature inspired designs of the Low […]
August 10, 2018

We’re changing our name. But why?

saltbox tiny home
A message from Jim Greer, Brand Manager   Originally called Designer Series Tiny Homes, our luxury brand is simplifying and is now known as Designer Cottages. And by now, you’re probably familiar with the Low Country and Saltbox modular home designs created by leading architect, Jeffrey Dungan. Inspired by nature, these luxury cottages are perfect […]
May 24, 2018

The Best Small Plants for Home Interiors

tiny home floral arrangements
Bringing the outdoors in can help to liven up your interior spaces, add fresh pops of color and help purify the air inside your home. A trendy indoor plant right now is the succulent, but other great plants for interior spaces include air purifying plants, low light plants and more. Florist and Veterinarian, Mary Alford, […]
May 15, 2018

The Next Step in Tiny Homes

luxury home designs
The tiny home movement has moved beyond its humble beginnings and is now seen as a viable residential option by consumers who are disenchanted with the idea that bigger is better. These people range from couples looking to build a spiritual retreat to retirees who see tiny homes as an ideal way to downsize.
November 21, 2017

Financing a Tiny Home

tiny home porch
If you desire to finance your tiny home investment, most home lenders are open to helping you move forward with your new Designer Cottages tiny home purchase.
November 07, 2017

Why Designer Cottages Tiny Homes are Perfect for Retirement

tiny home retirement
Are you looking to downsize your living situation for your retirement years? You may have heard about the new tiny house or microliving movement, which is all about living simply. But maybe you’re wondering, “Are tiny homes practical?”
September 19, 2017

What International Residential Code (IRC) 2018 Means for Tiny Home Building

SaltBox kitchen
As Jim Greer, Clayton’s National Brand Manager of Tiny Homes, leads Clayton into the microliving movement, he continues to meet with state leaders and tiny home movement influencers to discuss the rapidly evolving housing industry. Greer and other key tiny home players are excited about the IRC 2018 update, which includes an appendix for tiny homes titled Appendix Q.
August 29, 2017

An Inside Look at a Tiny Home Building Facility

tiny home building facility
Clayton Designer Cottages tiny modular homes are built efficiently with brand name appliances and materials inside a climate controlled facility. Since Clayton has over 60 years of experience constructing manufactured and modular homes with precision in building facilities across America, it made sense for us to use one of our tried and true building facilities to build our new Designer Cottages tiny homes from the ground up.
August 08, 2017

A Look at the Evolution of the Low Country Tiny Home

Low Country tiny home
The beautiful Low Country tiny home has not always had the design you see now. The initial Low Country model design has evolved in different ways so that the tiny home space is maximized in every way.
July 11, 2017

5 Ways Tiny Homes Have Become Luxury Homes

Clayton Saltbox Tiny Home
For decades, it seemed like the name of the game in the United States was if it’s bigger then it will be better. This is a big country. We like big portions, big cars, big homes, big everything. But what’s true for many isn’t true for everyone. In the housing market, some families need a 4,000-square foot home, while others do fine in a two-bedroom condo.