As the demand for microliving options grows across the country, we are prepared to provide you with remarkable tiny homes, perfect for your development objectives. Begin your development process by letting us equip you with Designer Cottages built precisely to your community’s applicable codes and regulations. Whether your development is a new residential community, resort or senior living space, we can deliver you stunning homes that are an excellent fit for a variety of microliving projects. 

Salt Box Interior Photo

The Ideal Home Option

Home buyers want to embrace a sustainable, simple lifestyle while enjoying high-caliber, beautiful amenities. Designer Cottages are the solution to the demand for a small, luxurious permanent dwelling option.

Committed Builder

A Committed Builder

We supply beautiful homes for your community, transport our small modular homes to your property and offer home care information for you and your community residents.

Long-lasting Style

Designer Cottages are inspired by natural, serene settings and created in conjunction with renowned architect Jeffrey Dungan. The classic, luxurious style combined with quality building materials and precise building process means your development will be made of homes built for a lifetime of world-class living.