Most people who choose a tiny home as their permanent living space think of it as more than just a home – they embrace a lifestyle of sustainable living and simplicity. Tiny modular homes are a permanent dwelling solution that allow people to get back to basics and focus more on enjoying life.

Tiny home centric TV shows have helped to popularize the microliving movement, but what these shows don’t always portray are the challenges of building codes and regulations as well as zoning issues when it comes to the different types of tiny dwellings. There is no federal or national “tiny home building code” per se, so each state has the freedom to designate the requirements as far as small structure building and placement.

Many local ordinances do not make allowances for small dwellings such as Park Model RVs (PMRVs) or Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs). At Clayton, we are leveraging over 60 years of experience in the home building industry to ensure that our tiny modular homes are built to comply with applicable state code requirements.

We currently build our tiny homes in an advanced, climate controlled home building facility in Alabama using a production line system to streamline the building process. Check out our blog for an inside look at our tiny home building facility.

Designer Cottages tiny homes are available in select locations across America. Our tiny homes are built to specific state and local codes, so availability is also subject to design approval and final location specifications. Check out the Designs page to view the Low Country and the Saltbox or Contact Us to receive availability information. If you’re interested in becoming a local tiny home distributor and builder, learn more.


Yes, some features of the Clayton Designer Cottages tiny homes can be adjusted to meet your needs. All design changes must be approved by the designer and comply with state and local building requirements. Please note that there are fees associated with design revisions.

Clayton Designer Cottages tiny homes are built with strength, durability and sustainability in mind. Our tiny homes are constructed to IRC standards and go through a rigorous internal inspection process at the home building facility to ensure that they are built to last a lifetime. We use certified building materials to reduce fire hazards, install smoke detectors and adhere to all applicable state and local building codes to ensure that each Designer Cottages tiny home is safe.

Clayton Designer Cottages tiny homes are constructed using energy efficient materials and features such as Summit® appliances, PlyGem® aluminum clad wood windows that are argon gas filled for maximum energy efficiency, excellent insulation, a quality heating and air conditioning system and other energy efficient features that help save money on energy bills in the long run.

Approximately six to eight weeks, but build time may vary depending upon current capacity at the home building facility.

Designer Cottages tiny homes designed by Jeffrey Dungan vary in pricing depending on home features and coding and zone requirements. Charges for delivery and onsite installation will also vary and are in addition to the home price. Find more details for each floor plan’s pricing on the Low Country and Saltbox detail pages.

You can view virtual tours of both the Low Country and Saltbox floor plans on their detail pages. As local builders join the microliving movement, display homes will be available to tour.

Currently, Designer Cottages tiny homes are not available at Clayton Homes retail locations.