November 15, 2019

Designer Cottage: Your Getaway and Investment

When you start walking down toward the falls, you can hear the two creeks cascading down,” Harlen says as he describes the waterfall at Deer Lick Falls. “The closer you get, then you start hearing the falls drop and it drops about 80 feet.


Jack and Harlen enjoy taking in nature when they stay at their modular Low Country Designer Cottage located in The Retreat at Deer Lick Falls. In just an hour and a half, they can escape their fast-paced life in Nashville, TN. Many memories are made with family and friends at their Designer Cottage.


Designer Cottage customers taking a hike through a nature trail.


From 5,000 to 500

Their primary home in the busy suburbs of Nashville is over 5,000 sq. feet and their custom Designer Cottage that sits in the peaceful woods of Deer Lick Falls is a little over 500 sq. feet. But while the size is different, the features are not. “It’s very similar as far as the finish level,” Jack says when talking about their Low Country Designer Cottage. “You have the stainless appliances, the stone countertops, it’s very upscale.


Designer Cottage customers sitting in the living room of their Low Country Designer Cottage.


When staying at their Designer Cottage, it’s all about being in nature. The poplar siding and cedar shingles of their cottage sets that tone. The interior continues that feel with arched wood beam ceiling accents and shiplap throughout that brings a beautiful touch of nature inside.


Outside decor on the deck of a Low Country Designer Cottage.


Family Fun

Jack and Harlen enjoy using their cottage to spend quality time with their 4 children and 2 grandchildren. The kids enjoy camping on the property when they come to stay. On a typical day, “We fix a big breakfast, usually a late breakfast,” Jack says, and “at some point we gather and hike a trail.”  To wrap up the day, the family will come together around a fire pit and roast marshmallows or enjoy relaxing on their large, custom-built porch as they fill the evening with joyful laughter.


Designer COttage customers sitting around a fire pit.


The Amenities of The Retreat

Throughout the gated community of The Retreat at Deer Lick Falls, neighbors, friends, and families can often be found using the fire pits and pavilions. These pavilions are large enough for multiple groups to gather and enjoy the cozy space. “At the end of the evening you go back to your [Designer Cottage]. We’ll go back to ours and we’ll see you guys for breakfast in the morning by the camp fire,” Jack says in describing evenings with friends who also live in The Retreat at Deer Lick Falls. Other amenities Jack and Harlen have found appealing are the hiking trails.


The entrance sign for The Retreat at Deer Lick Falls


The Investment

Jack and Harlen, like many others who have purchased property at the retreat, are using their Designer Cottage as a secondary residence. While they enjoy staying as often as they can, they also rent out their Designer Cottage when they can’t stay there themselves. “Families from some of these other areas can use it as well and it helps pay for the investment for us,” Jack explains. “So it has a nice return.” Using the short-term rental program managed by The Retreat also makes it easy for them to come and go as they please while maximizing their investment.


Designer Cottage customers standing outside of their Low Country Designer Cottage.


If you are looking for a peaceful getaway where you can enjoy time with your family but also have an investment when you return home, you might be ready to invest in a Designer Cottage. “It’s great for an overnight or great for a long weekend,” Jack says. “It’s a wonderful place for a couple to hang out for the weekend and have a sort of couples weekend. It’s also great for the family.”



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