May 15, 2018

The Next Step in Tiny Homes

luxury home designs

The tiny home movement has moved beyond its humble beginnings and is now seen as a viable residential option by consumers who are disenchanted with the idea that bigger is better. These people range from couples looking to build a spiritual retreat to retirees who see tiny homes as an ideal way to downsize.

Although the tiny home movement began in part as a response to rising rents and home prices, many consumers now demand more from their tiny home experience. A growing segment of consumers desire the simple, environmentally sustainable lifestyle offered by a tiny home but are unwilling to sacrifice comfort and don’t mind spending a little extra to fulfill their dreams. These are the people that can benefit most from the Designer Cottages.

The Designer Cottages  is a luxury addition to the housing market that combines simplicity and sustainability with elegance and respected brands such as Summit® and Ply Gem®. It represents the next step in world-class, luxury living for those looking for a primary residence, a leisurely getaway home, an in-law suite or a downsize with hand-picked amenities.

The Designer Cottages combines the heart of the tiny home movement – mindful living and environmental sustainability – with the comfort and luxury of award-winning architect Jeffrey Dungan’s designs. The feature open floor plans and spacious bedrooms that make 400+ square feet feel like much more. High ceilings, French doors, covered porches and quartz countertops meet available options such as a 1,000-gallon cistern for rainwater collection and energy-efficient appliances.

The one bedroom, one bathroom models – Low Country and Saltbox – offer an excellent non-traditional living option for those who want to expand their lives by cutting down on space without sacrificing amenities.


Summit Appliance is the registered trademark of Felix Storch, Inc.
PlyGem is the registered trademark of Ply Gem Industries, Inc.