July 27, 2018

Top tips on best flowers and plants for home interior spaces


Plants are an easy way to liven up a space and improve a home’s interior. Along with the pops of color and beauty they provide, plants are also natural air purifiers and have practical uses. We invited local florist and veterinarian Mary Alford of Rockford, Tenn. to two of our Designer Cottages homes for some tips on finding the right flora for interior living spaces.


  1. Clearing the Air

Commonly used chemicals and household cleaners can contaminate your home’s air with toxins. Aloe, Peace Lillies and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue are just a few plants known to help clear toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. Breathe easy and add some beauty to your home.


2. Natural Remedies

aloe plants in the kitchen

In addition to its air purification benefits, Aloe plants also contains anti-inflammatory components that can help relieve pain and heal minor burns. Mary suggests keeping an Aloe plant near the oven for a practical pop of color, as well as keeping it handy in case things heat up while cooking.


3. Thriving in Low Light

Ferns and orchids are both beautiful examples of flowering plants that thrive in low light conditions. Mary’s favorite is the Phalaenopsis (Phals). According to the American Orchid Society, you should place Phals in an east window to get the proper amount of sunlight.


4. Caring for Cut Flowers


Mary told us “heat is the enemy of cut flowers.” These types of arrangements thrive in darker, cooler spaces. You will also want to regularly clean the flowers’ vase and water supply to keep harmful bacteria from contaminating their veins.


Designer Cottages

Mary brought the perfect plants and helpful advice to complement our beautiful Designer Cottages homes. For even more information on house plants, you can check our our recent blog article.